Dec 27, 2009

Know the ‘Role’ and ‘Purposeful Abandonment’

Peter Drucker is the flavor of the month!Born in Vienna in 1909, he migrated to the land of cheese and opportunities (US) in 1937. Since then he’s studied the organizations like people, and earned himself the title ‘father of management’.

As per Drucker, in effective organizations, employees know their roles. Any journey of self-exploration, he believed, should begin with five essential questions.

  1. What is our mission?
  2. Who is our customer?
  3. What does the customer value?
  4. What are our results?
  5. What is our plan?

As it turns out, a little pondering over these questions will bring about the value creation framework for our customers. In other words, the framework tells us to take care of our customers, and the business will take care of itself.
For me, apart from these 5 questions, I ask the 6th one as well –

Are we the number 1 or 2 service provider to the customer?

In this era of multi-vendor sourcing, there is very much unlikely a case, where I’m the sole service provider. In such scenario, I’ve to ask myself whether I’m the top service provider in the chosen area. If not, Exit!

Drucker’s theory of ‘Purposeful Abandonment’ outlines this - "The first step in a growth policy is not to decide where and how to grow; It is to decide what to abandon. In order to grow, a business must have a systematic policy to get rid of the outgrown, the obsolete, the unproductive."

I believe the learning should be same for ‘Brand Me’ as well. We should strive to be at the top of what we’re best at. What says your opinion?

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