Nov 9, 2008


“You remember, you said once that we had the same root somewhere in both of us, because we both believed in life? It’s a rare capacity and it can’t be taught.”

Finished WE THE LIVING by Ayn Rand, the lesser known one from her arsenal. A lot has been said about the author and her philosophy of OBJECTIVISM.

I’m out of words for this writer. If at 25 she can think of something at this depth, this is disturbing. Now Objectivism holds that there is no greater moral goal than achieving happiness; that reality exists independent from consciousness. Though still at my first step towards learning, I believe world today can’t be in more need of Objectivism than before.

We’ve seen Socialism, which refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. We’ve witnessed Capitalism, the economic system in which the private ownership of property is protected by law. Now both these are good enough to give a rosy picture but they don’t touch the lives of ordinary and don’t increase the averages.

Objectivism is a philosophy for living in this material world that promotes values like love, friendship, wealth, and comfort. It respects science, technology, and innovation. It emphasizes reason and clarity. It values purposefulness, achievement, and success. It reveres passionate living, and pursing the greatest heights. It sets personal happiness as your goal, and gives you the tools to figure out how to achieve it.

It’s more of an optimistic approach. The idea is to focus more on life and add or subtract the factors to improve it.

PS: AR Rehman again weaves the magic:
Aaja main hawaaon pe bithaake le chalun;
tu hi toh... tu hi toh meri dost hai!
Aaja main khalaaon mein uthaake le chalun; tu hi toh meri dost hai;
Awaaz ka dariya hoon, behta hoon main nili raaton mein.
Main jaagta rehta hoon neend bhari jheel si aankhon mein.
Awaaz hoon main...