May 30, 2008

What happens when a Piscean works till late

The weather couldn’t be better in May heat. It was drizzling and unlike other summers in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms looked awesome. Rehan thought of his yoke fellows and good times spent with them. It’s been quite some time – everyone has settled in their lives and moved on. This Friday evening he was thinking of leaving everyone behind. He slipped out of the office, turned the ignition on and left the hustle and bustle behind. All he wanted to do was to disappear in twilight.

Neon was nearly full – crowded with football lovers. The deciders are always nail biting. Neon was a musical place otherwise; but on this particular day, it’d put the live match and drinks were on house. The whole place was divided into two. Though they may not pronounce Bonjour, but they’re supporting French and though they would have only seen Brazilian beaches and bikini clad women in pictures, they were painted yellow and singing Brazil.

Kaka was phenomenon as always. ‘He’s so cute’ thought Neha. After all this was one of the days when she was not feeling like going home. Japanese homes are boring for singles and one feels trapped at times. She’d asked Asuka to join her and pass away the evening – giggling, eating and cheering. Theiry missed the goal by whisker and whole of Neon filled with boos. As the silence drowned over the place, two sounds simultaneously came - “Damn It! You’ve to pay for it Theiry.” Both looked at each other with compassion. Rehan has never felt it that way. He walked over to Neha, looked in her deep shiny eyes. He brought his lips near to hers and said “Don’t you ever talk that way for French” and went back. Crowd stood there watching the two and clapping!

PS: Found this interesting plot over internet :-). So you can decide in which corner you can be substituted.

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