May 10, 2008

It’s Inflation honey

Look Hon! Its increasing like a mountain. Oh. It’s shot off the chart.

The inflation is taking toll on everyone – from CEOs to sis. Increase in prices of basic necessities is taking its toll. And dollars are not helping even. Forget OPEC nations, even the customs people have stopped taking bribes in dollars. They prefer Gandhi to Washington. True – Dollar is not going far these days.

Now what is inflation – In layman terms it’s a black hole kind a monster. You leave the office with 500 Rs and by next morning its actual value is 480 Rs. Hope you got that! I must say it’s still better than Zimbabwean trauma.

People are finding different ways to beat the monster. The other day sis and her group went for a movie. Now being into HR she’s aware of inflation and its impact on employees lives. The movie set (tickets, corn, nachos & water) was around INR 350 the quarter before. It still costs 350 if you remove water bottle from that set. So to cover up, the group was asked to bring water bottles from home. Remark was simple – ‘Trying to beat it!’

Till now GV was not having much impact of rising prices. He always used to fill the petrol for Rs. 500. But now it’s visible to him and he’s suffering from hypertension. All those onsite trips have lost their charms to him. By the time you hit back home, the foreign currency losses half its value.

Now for some, rising prices is opportunity to cash in. Simply amass the scarce resources. Johnny did it that way. Rice was being sold in Pakistani market at 45 per kg. Once export restrictions were put in by the countries, the price shot up to 90 per kg. Our little Johnny smuggled it in his stomach, made a wad and bought the Beemer.

It seems the world is tied in ‘Too much but Too Little’ syndrome. Societies can spend billions on high rises, space and an undersea exploration, but production per hectare is still stuck on that in 1980s. I wonder if the world has gone berserk. Don’t they’ve something better to discuss in forums than quotas for minorities, sale of F15s, China’s military might and Italian Pasta? It seems world leaders are getting more like the simulator installed in NASA - It shakes you for some time, tilts you to 90 degree, makes some weird noises but takes you nowhere!

PS: Are you trying some weird ways to overcome high prices? Or have you seen anyone doing so? Lemme know!

PPS: Song on the lappy (beautiful number from 'Jab We Met'):

Naina tere kajrare hain, naino pe hum dil hare hain

Anjane hi tere naino ne, waade kiye kaie saare hain
Saanso ke lay.. madam chale.. tose kahe
Barsega saawan, Barsega saawan, jhoom jhoom ke, do dil aise milenge
Aaoge jab tum ho saajna, angana phool khilege...

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