Feb 25, 2008

I'm hit!

Who says it’s a big world? It may be wild, but it definitely is a short one. I even got a hit from Africa (snapshot). So either it’s a small world or I’m getting famous (though second is not yet near to reality).

I recently happen to Visit the state of North Dakota in the US. The time I’ve come down to the cruising altitude from where I can see the land, I’ve not seen the color GREEN. It’s a white place in winters with temperatures hovering around -30 deg C and it’s been two months. After my trip here I’ve started appreciating the Delhi weather. But the slogan for North Dakota is ‘celebrate the spirit’. And that’s why they’ve some of the weird laws (at least used to have) Ref. http://www.totallyuselessknowledge.com/laws.php

And since I was in North Dakota, I read the ones over there specifically. Now the interesting one is ‘It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on’. Boy! what if I happen to go over to my girlfriend and in hurry I forget to take off shoes. Will they put me in jail for that? I’ve already put a poster in front of my bed – ‘Shoes or jail? Which one will you take off?’

All jokes apart, this is a nice place; so what if temperature is freezing. It’s so freezing that if one happens to spill a glass of water outside, it will become ice before it hits the ground! And what if we have to drive to Minneapolis for 6 straight hours to have ‘naan’ and ‘chicken curry’. At least one can visit the biggest Mall of America.

Whatever happened, we do celebrate the spirit (the alcohol) here in North Dakota.

The consultant humming the beautiful number by Shreya Ghoshal from Cheeni Kum (I love Shreya's voice):
Baatein hawa hai saari; Saari ke saari
kyun hai kyun hai kyun hain kyun
Rukhi si khaali; khaali ulti hi duniya sari
kyun hai kyun hai kyun hai kyun

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