Feb 28, 2008

Confessions in 30s [37 A window seat]

Well Calvin, every person waits for less obvious solutions.
Disclaimer: This entry was written in heaven and solemnized on earth!
It’s been 20 hours in plane. Delhi is still 4 hours of flying time (currently passing by Keiv). So just thought of scribbling a few words. Even this journey as that of life has nothing to boast about, but it has been the one which many would have longed for while growing up.
OK! So I’m leaving my 20s – YES – Those giggling, carefree, responsibility less 20s; the ‘will do something’ attitude 20s. I’ve heard that as far as best years of life go, nothing beats the twenties - The decade where wishes were fulfilled and dreams challenging the reality. And as I leave them for unchartered waters of 30s, I decided to ponder over last decade.

So twenties started with some light moments spent with project partners in the hostel canteen discussing the intricacies of Java and getting an unexpected gift from someone. The day also kicked the interests in integrating computers and business. I don’t know who ran fast – Me or Time. But in a moment I was on the other side with an engineering degree and that false air of ‘world at my feet’.

* Walking to Engineering Drawing block and being asked by someone beautiful and intelligent to be part of her project team.
* Taking moped rides from day scholars on early off days

In a blink we were delivering the code to customers. The chasm between dreams and reality started to appear. It’s a fun when a large group joins an organization. The freshness, the energy, the smile here and there and participation in events – Why do people tend to lose them over time? I still wonder!
* Running for snacks when office bus used to snarl in traffic jams
* That ‘antakshri’ and chat sessions at the last seat of the bus and that ‘giri huyi harkat’ at flyover near Chirag Delhi
* Those coding sessions from 9:30AM to 5:00 AM for a month and then dropping dead in the bed after work

And then we met life! Layoffs and dot com bubble burst made us to think. But we used to be hopeful (that’s a feature; not a bug in the system). The piece that was supposed to be part of the story was no more there and an unknown part of puzzle fitted like never before. Those were the times that laid the foundation of professional journey.
* That desperate interview from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
* That unbelievable salary figure from HR person @ 8:00PM
* Those bike rides where I used to be in air for quite a time on speed breakers.

It’s a funny thing – People toil so hard to achieve something and then they don’t take time to cherish the results. It happens with me often. Mid twenties brought times that’re part of most middle class dreams. A friend took me along (forcefully) to buy a car. The time also brought the first across-sea journey – travel to the land of burgers and opportunities: USA.
* That look on the face of candidate and my boss after the first interview I took as part of technical panel with my BOSS.
* The eyeful sight over LAX from Thai airways with Cars zipping past at 150 kmph on LA freeways

And then everything became a routine. I forgot to keep track of moments. The only thing I kept track of was ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and ‘Benjamin’.
And so as this part of journey nears its end, I wonder what I should do to capture the moments. It shouldn’t be about one thing honey! Let’s have a blast. There are a lot of better things to do in life J I’m looking forward to them.

PS: Q. What is the craziest thing you’ve done in life that still brings smile back on your face when you think of it?
A. Putting a clip on the nose of someone sleeping loveable
B. Propose data structure’s professor’s daughter or Boss’s spouse
C. Those unexpected coffee machine breaks
D. Losing your pajamas in general compartment of a long distance train
E. Hell! I don’t have a smiling face.
And this time do put your other answers as well. After all we’re talking of a decade here.

PPS: The song on the player from salaam-e-ishq:

silli silli tapti raaton mein, jalta hoon main barsaton mein,
ddoba dooba har pal yaadon mein, dil kya kare!
apney mein hi khoya rehta hoon, kehna hai kuch kuch kehta hoon,
pain ajab sa sehta hoon, dil kya kare!
ho...aakhon aankhon mein; ho... baaton baaton mein;
le gaya koi, de gaya koi,
salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq

Feb 25, 2008

I'm hit!

Who says it’s a big world? It may be wild, but it definitely is a short one. I even got a hit from Africa (snapshot). So either it’s a small world or I’m getting famous (though second is not yet near to reality).

I recently happen to Visit the state of North Dakota in the US. The time I’ve come down to the cruising altitude from where I can see the land, I’ve not seen the color GREEN. It’s a white place in winters with temperatures hovering around -30 deg C and it’s been two months. After my trip here I’ve started appreciating the Delhi weather. But the slogan for North Dakota is ‘celebrate the spirit’. And that’s why they’ve some of the weird laws (at least used to have) Ref. http://www.totallyuselessknowledge.com/laws.php

And since I was in North Dakota, I read the ones over there specifically. Now the interesting one is ‘It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on’. Boy! what if I happen to go over to my girlfriend and in hurry I forget to take off shoes. Will they put me in jail for that? I’ve already put a poster in front of my bed – ‘Shoes or jail? Which one will you take off?’

All jokes apart, this is a nice place; so what if temperature is freezing. It’s so freezing that if one happens to spill a glass of water outside, it will become ice before it hits the ground! And what if we have to drive to Minneapolis for 6 straight hours to have ‘naan’ and ‘chicken curry’. At least one can visit the biggest Mall of America.

Whatever happened, we do celebrate the spirit (the alcohol) here in North Dakota.

The consultant humming the beautiful number by Shreya Ghoshal from Cheeni Kum (I love Shreya's voice):
Baatein hawa hai saari; Saari ke saari
kyun hai kyun hai kyun hain kyun
Rukhi si khaali; khaali ulti hi duniya sari
kyun hai kyun hai kyun hai kyun