Aug 24, 2007

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Aug 2, 2007


Not only Calvin, seldom is someone happy with the cards dealt to him/her :-)
Posting after a long break - not from work though!

Overheard the conversation between a part time assistant at the motel and the front desk executive - "WHAT HAPPENED TO PRIDE".There talk about taking pride in someone's work made me ponder. Yes! We've forgotten the sense of pride in our work. We're proud of jobs well done, but failures?But what's the reason - Are we doing which we don't want to do? Or is it that we don't give it that much of a thought?

So whose responsibility is it? Individual or Employer? I could gather three things that are responsible for that lovely feeling:
  • Your Work
  • Your Team
  • Your Organization

And the irony is though all of the above are chosen by individuals, most of them are not satisfied. So who is to blame? Does this happen everywhere to everone?

The only few who may think that they're doing some stuff are our hardly working policiticans trying to build their son-in-law's mansion on taxpayers money or builders trying boasting of how much cement they can save in an apartment.

Self-importance leads to satisfaction, with satisfaction comes pride and that leads to success. But how many times I've put up with this thought!!! What about you?I believe givin 100% to what you do is different from taking pride in what you do. The latter leads to former always but not vice-versa.

Whatever happened to 'Pride-In-Work', one thing is for sure, some hard working individual has for sure lost it! The only thing we ever focus or think of is riches.

A question pops-up in my head: Will there be any one in my society who feels that (s)he is doing a wonderful job and is satisfied? Or only money is the index of success?

[A] I can be happy borrowing from my girl friend - moeny doesn't count in love or Pride
[B] Damn! Again we're talking about a delicate balance (Pride, Money, Happiness)
[C] Bull $h!* Money makes me go around; To hell with PRIDE.
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