May 30, 2007

Board Room A0

I like dictatorship only when I'm not at the receiving end; else I love democracy. And I love meetings too. Especially late night ones when one can make fun of life even at 11:59:59 PM :-). It's kind a funny. I was doing some thinking (Doc has asked me to workout my grey cells), and discovered that all the meetings (with more than 9 participants) are common in one aspect - The types of participants. If you keenly observe, these attendees can be classified (or generalized) into 4 types:

(Please Note: I'll be using the masculine gender most of the times, though feminine gender can be aptly placed in the categorization)

1. The Beast: He is the king of the jungle, the Boss. The beginer who tries to make people talk constructively and most of the times fails in that. He's the one who sometimes buries his head in the hands (his, not Monica's, u cheapster! :-)). But he's the one who reaches to some conclusion.

2. The Crocodile: He is there to counter act and to talk. For him opening the mouth is synonymous with putting forth the opinion, or in their own words, contribution. He is there to kill. You'll often notice his thumping of palms on the table. If murders were legal, those will be the ones on top of your list.

3. The Hyena: He is only there to push the meeting. Just toss a ball (question) to him and relax and enjoy your cofee. He'll start from software, move to Risk and Change Management and fly the topic from Iraq to drought in Australia to FIFA's proposal on not playing football at high altitudes to Islamic Banking and back to bug list of software.

4. The Elephant: He is there only to help himself with the biscuits and potato chips. For them such meeting is a chance to save money on snacks. There will be times when he will nod or give a soft smile (as if Global warming will force Jennifer Garners of the world to wear short skirts with Noodle strip tops). But take my word, these are totally harmless creatures.

So the appraisal time is around and meetings will be held. Next time you participate in such a meet, do classify the participants and try to find some other types as well. Till then happy increments.

PS: Next time in meeting, try to visualize people in other's faces. Say your Boss as Mike Tyson in the ring!
Query in mind: Can any one have a complete control on life? Or luck plays it's part?
[1.] It surely does [2.] It's all your effort honey [3.] What control? I don't like sharing my under pants

When you're looking in her eyes you can see forever,
You're captured by the beauty of her soul,
You know you're never gonna find a woman like this again
So don't let go oh, don't let go;
Will she love you tomorrow like she loves you today
She can keep your heart guessing but she's yours if she stays
And that's what it feels like.....To love a woman!!!
- (Lionel And Enrique)

May 6, 2007


And nobody told me of Property Boom :-(

Yours truely thought of buying a house... errrr sorry a 2 BR flat. Since in Delhi my budget won't even buy me a bathroom, I made a move towards South West - Gurgaon. Gurgaon, as everyone, knows is the BPO and the millenium city. Sahu was telling me that everyone is running there to buy a property. Rumors are that even Dubya is hunting for something over there.

So this flat was at 9th floor. Still under construction, the property dealer smilingly told about the property being Vastu compliant. I was wondering what is meant by this compliance. Hearing my thoughts, the dealer promptly mentioned that the property is designed in a way so that the garbage fill is at the back of the premises and not at the front. Only then I realized how much thought process we Indians put in planning!

The layout was as if a 3 year old has placed 3 lego bricks alongside. I still wonder if this is called as modern design! And then came the bomb - Price. The dealer put on a face as if he's telling some secret: "People are lining up for this deal. There is a huge demand in the market... blah blah blah". The price - 45L for that 929 sq ft box that too with 4-5 hr power cut. As if in the morning seller's wife told him today's price is 40L! And this time Sahoo thought out loudly - what if a person gets stuck inside lift during a power cut? The dealer confidently told that helpline numbers of security and call centre will be there in the lift; thus providing 24 x 7 service. And I immediately realized we're in a BPO city.

Phew! I told Sahu, "yaar, Don't you think we're at wrong place? I think we should look for some penthouse with a glass ceiling and a personal pool with ultra-high speed lifts". We left the place with dealer following us, "Sir woh bhi arrange ho jayega". I share the grief of a middle class man trying to own a house!
So after visits to 12 different sites, the author gladly shelved off the decision to buy a property. Instead, I've to now call the dealers to show me something on rent. And for the next few days it'll be same old story - vastu compliance, power back up, water supply, security.... but this time for RENT!

Trodding alone, I ask myself why?

Smiles have wrinkles, the faces dry;

Journey is long, I wish I could fly,
I've to go, where earth meets the sky!

The question in mind is: If two apples or tomatoes are plucked from the same branch and packed together, what is the probability they'll reach the same consumer? :-)
Does anyone have an answer interesting? Do comment!

kitni der tak tum baahar rukogi, kitni der tak mein rukuun yahaan
kitni der tak tum sochati rahog, yeh mein bhi dekhunga
kitni der tak tum, mujhe na kahogi, apane sheher aane ko
kitni der tak, dhundana hai bahaana, tumhe kisi bhi tarah chhune ka..
kitni der tak, kitni der tak, aaj shaam ya savere tak...

Rabbism :-)

May 1, 2007

do kadam aur sahi...

:-) Oh Dear Calvin! I definitely would like to continue with my dad, but there sure are things which I would like to change. And I'm sure everyone must have some kind of 'things-to-change' list always ready with them. Btw, killing a bug is not a change!

Who wants to change the things they're comfortable with? Who ever said 'Get out of the comfort zone' must have been sitting in the AC for too long. If you could have named yourself, what would it have been? :-)

But then we miss out the shots we don't take (I try hard to make myself understand this, but as am a hopeless procastinator, by the time I make my mind to catch up with life, it's time for a new change). When I was 10, I missed the shot because I could not CHANGE the darts. So you see dear people; in this fast moving world, the idea is to embrace the change we value, rather than playing catching up with every thing! I would try to follow this in every walk of life :-)

You tell me how should we know it's time to change?
[1.] change before everyone changes; [2.] try to follow the leader; [3.] when your t-shirt starts stinking; [4.] What the heck, life is going fine;

Remember Sonu Nigam's 'do kadam aur sahi'?
zindagi haath mila…saath chal, saath mein aa;
umr bhar saath rahee
do kadam aur sahi…
koi suraj ki dagar, koi sone ka nagar;
chaand ke rath pe chale, jahaan thehre yeh nazar;
dhup dariyaaon mein hai, phir safar paaon mein hai, dil ka aawara diya, doosre gaaon mein hai
aao chale hum wahi
do kadam aur sahi…do kadam aur sahi…do kadam aur sahi…