Apr 19, 2007

Thoughts in a traffic jam

Was stuck in traffic for 2 hours today. It's a pity that to cover a tad 30 km stretch, my Flora (Hyundai Santro) takes 2 hours on Delhi roads. Had it been some freeway, it would have been a such a pleasant (makhan) ride. Though I love to drive, I love to be at helm of affairs, but these days I loathe being on driver's seat.

Anyways, when you're alone and stuck in traffic, your thoughts wander. They move through the happenings of the day, what you could have done better, how you'll respond to the questions thrown by Today and how it would have been great if there was some cola and chips in the car (and a nice chick to talk to) :-).
But then I realized that God parceled all the beauty to Belgium, things have improved over the week and secrets were shared with the Known-One. Apart from these I also realized that:

- Expectations hurt; Only if they're out of your sphere of influence.

- Life is a puzzle; In retrospect, each piece falls into it's place.

- Dreams do come true; Only that one has to work towards them without much expectations of the result.

- Know how to react; It's the reactions that shape up the life.

- Life meets at corners; But working hard is what prepares and pays.

- Fight; Quitting is not an option.

- Sorting out wrinkles is tough; But then smiling gives power.

One dream is enough to light up the whole sky - October Sky (1999), Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper

Q: Why do we marry? [1.] Just that age is catching up with me, Or [2.] I want some company, Or [3.] My parents forced me, Or [4.] I want to have a legal physical relationship and raise kids..., Or [5.] That I found someone for whom I can do anything and want to see her/him smiling at any cost?

I vouch for an unconditional love! What about you?


Anonymous said...

Waiting for your next blog entry buddy....Your take on Quota or Virginia Shootout??

Or Anything relevant to your day to day life acitivity. Do share some of those best practices that we can imbibe in our life...

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hey I vote for unconditional love too..!!but the question arises ..how long does one wait for the right person to walk in his/her life...keeping in mind the age factor and parental pressure..!!
And if u are in love..how do u know its not merely an attraction..??
What are the chances of discovering ur soulmate in the guy/gal u marry under pressure from ur parents ?..Serendipity ..eh ...!!

I beleieve its all destiny...!!God wants 2 ppl to be together forever so he gives them a reason.. that can be anything :) !!