Apr 2, 2007

tere naina talash karein jise

Listening to beautiful number sung by Manna Dey. It goes "tere naina talash karein jise woh to hai tere paas diwaane... tere naina..."

More than 95% of people would be ready to trade places with me in life, but still something is missing. What is that I'm looking for? Why at the end I've only this LCD screen to talk with? Ain't these are the days about which we dreamt of in our enigineering hostels? Why am I hollow? Are the smiles around me fake? Or is it that I'm the only one discontent? Is it same way with everyone?

Why is it so that life doesn't tread the path I want? Why is it so that I'm always being reminded that it's not your game? And from where I get the energy to push and jostle, to fight for the things I want, but the very next moment I feel helpless? Is it same way with everyone?

I know the hard work is the mantra... or some will say smart work is the punch. But why i get the positive outcomes in only quarter of cases? Why I want to have something which can't be mine? Why I long for the lost moments? And for the moments which can't be there? Are these too much of expectations and dreams? Is it same way with everyone?

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