Apr 2, 2007

The Step

Afraid of taking first step. It's always a big one and one fears of falling down into the depths. But chasms can't be crossed with two small steps; it has to be A big one! Let's story.

Anant was sincere and a hardworking fellow working for an advertising agency. Neha was dynamic and giggling, always donning that 'she's an angel' smile. Both were working on same assigment for nearly 3 months for now. The results were good, they were meeting milestones as planned. It was a warm evening, both walking past the high rise official complex:

(A): we seem to be on target. This project is going as scheduled. I don;t want any hiccups at this stage. We've working like hell.
(N): Yes. you've put a lot of effort. Wanna coffee?
(A): Sure. How about the demo to the Mr. V (Boss) some time tomorrow?
(N): Suits me!
(A): How is mom doing back at home?

They njoyed sharing the words, thoughts, joys and sorrows; this has been the 10th evening they're coffeeing together in past fortnight. It was (N) who asked (A) out at first; and the only answer she got from (A) was "at 7 PM".

Somehow in good times everyone wants to hold on to time. It always seems in hurry. Even I wish I could cling on to it! They wished the same as street lamps passed over their heads.

Six months passed by and the ad was a roaring success. Everyone in the office talked about their hardwork. Time came for the official word. To A's surprise, N was given credit of the success of the ad. The last 10 months A has worked like hell and all he got was "continue with the same spirit", while N was showered with praise and hike.

There are times when a moment seems to take years, as if afraid of moving forward. The cold jittery winds were blowing, both walking by as street lamps watched the shadows drooping by.
Should these things matter in life?

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Sudeep said...

Gone through your interesting post but one thing i am confused about...What are you trying to convey??
Are you trying to say Extroverts always succeed and introverts sometimes....pr something else....?