Apr 15, 2007

Of the games and stories

Inner voices voted out the dragging of life in this state. Everyone has the option to select and the paths to choose. Trying to identify my sphere of influence and trying NOT to bother about the circle I can't control. Though the second option seems bit difficult at this hour. No wonder these thoughts take over you. Only if I can start this game all over, I wonder if I would have played any differently. I also wonder how someone else would have faired. But then am not a renegade one.

Just to distract the thoughts, thinking to cultivate the skill of story telling. Somehow there are not many links in my grey cells, and I only end up with facts instead of links and fiction. But then one must admit that story telling is an art and I wonder if this can be cultivated anyway or only the ones having quotas get them.

We all do stories - to children, to friends, to colleagues, in a sales pitch, to ourselves! There should be something while telling the tales - the roles should come to life; they should talk and sing and move. The rules are simple - one starts with an introduction, moves to tell the tale and then adds the punch line which makes it one of the best things listeners ever heard. Doing the research lead to the following points to make the difference (src http://www.storytell.com.au):

  • Adjust the delivery by selecting tone, loudness, rhythm, expression, movement. Voice should shape the words to figures of fancy.

  • Choose your words and style

  • Check what audience wants

  • As with other skills, Practice

  • Carefully select the stories to tell i.e. choose your content

  • Try and refine

So just try and mesmerize all those who come in the vicinity of your words.

PS: A Beautiful Mind (2001) - He Saw The World In A Way No One Could Have Imagined; Russell Crowe, Ed Harris

Listening to 'lamha lamha doori kyon pighalti hai, jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai...' from gangster.

PPS: I dream of being with the KNOWN-ONE !

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