Mar 7, 2007

Common Problems and ways to generate revenue

Lane Driving

Can anyone imagine driving in lanes in Delhi or for that matter any where in India? Well I tried to and it was such a nice feeling. Why can’t our traffic cops enforce the rule to drive in lanes (if there are any)? As per the study, when someone drives in lanes, the average time to reach the destination is less than that of not following the lanes. Then why should not we preach LANE DRIVING IS SAFE & FAST DRIVING?

Solution: If implemented, it’ll be a money minting scheme for DP. Put the cameras at various points on the highways and next day send the tickets to the defaulters.

Number of vehicles in Delhi’s road = 2.6 Million (as per 2005 survey)
Number of passenger cars on Delhi-Gurgaon road per day = 150,000
Lane Driving violation fine = 500 INR
Net revenue per day on Delhi-Gurgaon road = INR 7.5 crores

Do this for a week and you’ll be generating cool INR 52.5 crores. And this will be just for one road in NCR J. DP should give some kind of medal to me.

Right of the Ways for Ambulances

Ever happened to be in situation where no one listens to ambulance sirens and ambulances stuck in traffics? I personally feel guilty about it. So why not we preach ‘give way to ambulances’?

Solution: This will be another solution of which DP will be proud of me. Put the cameras in front of ambulances. The erring drivers can be pictured by drivers at will. The camera will be operational only when the ambulance is on move and siren is wailing.

Right of the way for Ambulance violation fine = 1000 INR (after all it’s a matter of someone’s life)
Average number of vehicles in front of Ambulance daily = 1000
Net monthly revenue per ambulance = INR 1,000,000