Feb 3, 2007

Ideas Rule - Fundoo Idea # 1

In India, more and more counts are enjoying coffee. We're so getting used to it that while driving people feel like coffee-ing. Well the great business idea is to open a coffee chain. Nothing new till this point, right?
Well this chain will be a drive-through & take-away chain. The idea is to setup coffee shops near busy roads (say Delhi - Gurgaon). People can drive through and njoy the sip. The coffee bars will be open 18x7.

Infrastructure: The area will be a 2 storeyed spiral with 5 converging lanes. Vehicles will enter the viccinity at one level and leave from the other. Thus at a time 5 cars can be served. Furthermore, the cashless transactions will be encouraged; coffee cards will be provided for say 1, 5, 10... drinks. Thus serving time will reduce (maximum serving time has to be less than 2 mins) and people can njoy steamy hot drink during drives in winters.

Tech Help: Technology will be of help as well. Consumers will be able to place the order on mobiles. Once the consumer drives in, the order will be passed on to the corresponding mbl number.

So anyone for partnerships? I hope people will pass me on the royality if they happen to steal the ideas.

PS: Think about going back home sipping spiked coffee. All my tensions evaporated at the mere thought of it!