Jun 27, 2006

Software to Rags to Riches

Am in Aquarian & Piscean cusp and a dreamer! (Nice statement to start with)
Am not sure but as per Linda Goodman, Pisceans like to dream - from 'heading the nations' to 'roaming in Beemers' to 'Saving chics (read abala naris) from villans' - they really like to dream. Though I don't dream to that extent but at least Linda put it that way - Pisces are dreamers and have a lovely [:-)] imagination!

Piscean (P): Bass! Project is NOT possible in 6 person-months.
Boss (B): I know P, you can do it. I'll help you but we've to complete this in 6 months. I'm with you.
Boss to Unit Head: Bass! P thinks project is doable within 6 months and is an exciting opportunity for him and his team.
UH: Good... Good...

6 months later...Project need another 4 person-months
P: Bass! I told you it's not possible.
B to UH: Bass! P was not able to keep the deadlines. He should be fired.
UH: Good... Good...

P is fired. He's not able to find any job (no demand for Project Leaders) and is forced to take on to cab-driving. One day, after the gruelling night shift, P sees a Merc alongside the road with driver busy replacing a flat tire.

P: Need help?
Driver (D): Memsaab ko office ke liye late ho raha hai.
P: Ma'am! Want me to take you to the office?
Ma'am (M): Thinks (P angrezi bol raha hai). OK
As it turns out, M is a CxO in a self startup
P: Ma'am! What are you reading?
M: Not able to solve this piece of code.
P: Ma'am! Can I've a look?
M: Thinks (Cabbie kya dekhega? Anyways de deti hoon)
P handsover 5 pages of code...
P: Ma'am! Is this a Web Service in a Service Oriented Architecture interface? Line # 45 has bug - Ismein to inner for loop break nahin kiya?

Ma'am checks out, impressed...
M: Would you like to work for me?
P: I would love to. Partners?
M: Done. Join from tomorrow.
P: am grateful Ma'am.

After 6 months...
M: P! You'll look after these 3 verticals - Retail, Aeronautics, Automobile!
P: Gladly... Thank you ma'am... You recognized my potential.
M: Don't call me Ma'am, call me Sheila!

Roomie(R): Abey uth ja!
P: Was I dreaming?
R: Did you manage to estimate the effort for the portal for auctioning refurbished hankies and socks?
P: Oh S***... Bass is going to fire me today!


PS: I do realize that my thoughts are not making heads and tails! But that's what Pisceans do at 3'o clock in the morning!

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Aditya said...

That was really cool...
I laughed out like anything

I strongly believe that you can become a dream delivery professional ;)