Jun 23, 2006

Pricey Possessions

Japan has a nice chunk of population using cycles for daily activities. Infact, near every train station, there are large bicycle stands, capable enough of stocking 3000-5000 bicycles. There are daily, weekly and monthly passes available for these stands. This infrastructure allows more and more people to use public transport. It has the second largest number of Passenger Km/year - 391billion (first is India - 404 Billion). fyi area of Japan, including nearly 3000 islands, is one-ninth that of India.

Talking of bicycle reminds me of our pricey possession. We'd a bicycle - Avon 22" Black color - which was a marvel at it's time. It was the part of our family and tradition. When in Chandigarh, it used to rest under the guava tree. It was taken to everyplace - from canteens to markets to schools to playgrounds! It was also the mode of journey to office for my dad. The Saturday evenings were meant for scheduled cleaning and oiling. On Sunday mornings, it was taken to the grounds to watch us play cricket (Sector 19 vs Sector 20), though all the players were from the family - young, not-so-old, thin, fat, males, females. After match it used to be time for lunch. Evenings were meant for temples or gurudwara or market. Those were fun filled days.

Then dad was transferred to Delhi and as with us, our 'Avon' got a room for it's own. But as it happens with everyone in such a big city - Avon has grown lonely and time took its toll! Life was moving too fast for her and we're not able to do the justice with Avon. Then came the 'ankhon ka tara' Santro (Flora). Ever since Flora took the place - part of the family - the Avon was completely neglected. Then came a time when Avon refused to move, forget about running. And came the tearless end to Avon - it was given off to someone - Someone whose eyes shone as he watched at it gleefully. Who rode it as if Avon is the most precious belonging he has. And now Avon is the part of his family!
Am glad for her!

PS: btw Australia reached last 16. Can we hire Guss Hiddink for our cricket team?

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