Jun 26, 2006

Cherry Blossoms

Ney has always been a bundle of energy, and today it radiated on his face. It was a beautiful Saturday morning in April, the best possible time of the year in Tokyo. The day in the calendar read 'Meet Kito' and was marked in pink.

If one likes flowers and dreams, he's to be in Japan in April. The month marks cherry blooms across the country providing an eyefull of sight. The white, the pink, the not-so-pink; in the parks, adjoining railway tracks, along with canals, on the mountains - every kind of cherry flowers and everyplace.

Ney looked at the watch which was sheepishly striking five past 9 in the morning. He still has 2 hours for the moment he's been waiting for a fortnight. He picked up his crutches and started a long walk towards the train station. There was somekind of pattern in his walk - his steps wobbled as if he was trying to balance something heavy - a mark on deformity. Life has been challenging ever since he left the playground in his nursery class - left for being ridiculed and physically handicapped. Ney catpulted this setback to success and was about receive his Doctorate in Algorithms and Design.

Kito was a cheerful and smiling face, that was not so easy to forget in the theatre. To add the charms of the mole, she was known in the university for her Financial Mathematics' genius. She'd this uncanny ability to solve mathematical problems which left everyone with a gasp - Students and professors alike.
Though Ney and Kito both were famous in the university and the city, they never got a chance to meet each other. Except for the degrees they held, neither of them knew anything about the other.

Ney boarded the train which will take him to the destination, another 1 hour away and he let his thoughts wander. With a clean Sudoku puzzle in hand, he was trying to find trying to device an algorithm to solve the Sudoku in least number of passes. Something struck him when he looked at the lady in the adjoining seat.
She'd some aura of logic and intelligence. He held his sight, which was now directly colliding with hers. Attracted by his presence, she came to the seat besides him and asked "Can I've a look at the sheet?" He handed over the sheet to her and mentioned "OlogN passes but I'm confused about the constant". In no time both were busy with algorithm and Sudoku as if they're working on it for quite some time.

The journey came to end. It was time to go. Both disembarked off the train - He holding her hand and she held on to the puzzle - her hair shining bright in the April sun. Her mole increasing her beauty manifolds.

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